Company Name NWT Company Aboriginal/Inuit Owned Activities Headquarters Address Country
Lockett Consultation Services Inc. yes no Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility 1205 Adams Rd BC V0N 1G2 Canada
Hybrid Air Vehicles Limited no yes Air transportation Cardington Field, Shortstown, MK42 OTG MK42 OTG United Kingdom
Frontline Medics Inc. yes no First responders and medical care 103 Sly Court, ON K7N 0A4 ON K7N 0A4 Canada
Nuna Logistics Limited no yes Blasting 9839 31 Ave AB T6N 1C5 Canada
Arctic Response Canada Ltd. yes no Training 101-349 Old Airport Rd NT X1A 3X6 Canada
Aurora Geosciences Ltd. yes no Non-mechanized exploration activities 3506 McDonald Dr NT X1A 2H1 Canada
Waymarc Industries Ltd. no no