Company Name NWT-based Aboriginal owned Activities Headquarters Address Province
Aurora Geosciences Ltd. yes yes Mechanized exploration activities, Non-mechanized exploration activities, Calculation of mineral resources and reserves, Mineral resource sampling 3506 McDonald Dr Yellowknife NT X1A 2H1 NT
King Manufacturing yes Mining infrastructure construction, Non-mining infrastructure construction, Non-mining equipment supplier 9 Aspen Rd Hay River NT X0E 0R6 NT
Tire North/Kal Tire yes Mobile mining equipment supplier (including drilling equipment), Non-mining equipment supplier, Mobile mining equipment operation and maintenance (including drilling equipment), Non-mining equipment operation and maintenance 917 Mackenzie Hwy Hay River NT X0E 0R8 NT
Poison Graphics yes Advertising, promotion and [public affairs] 28 Indsutrial Dr Hay River NT X0E 0R6 NT
Stubley Geoscience Ltd. no yes Geological, geophysical and other geoscientific activities, Strategic planning and project management, Information system/data management 158 Toki Rd Cochrane AB T4C 2A2 AB