Company Name NWT Company Aboriginal owned Activities Headquarters Address Provinces
Weatherby Trucking Ltd. yes no Transportation infrastructure construction, Non-mining infrastructure construction, Non-mining equipment supplier, Land transportation PO Box 1949 Yellowknife NT-NS X1A 2P5 NT
Weatherhaven no no Camp construction, Non-mining equipment supplier 8355 Riverbend Crt Burnaby BC V3N 5E7 BC
Weaver & Devore Trading Ltd.Ken yes no Provider of miscellaneous supplies, Food, restaurant and hotel services 3601 Weaver Dr Yellowknife NT-NS X1A 2J5 NT
WESA, a division of BluMetric Environmental Inc. yes no Strategic planning and project management, Information system/data management, Environmental permit applications and management, Environmental and social impact studies PO Box 11086 Yellowknife NT-NS X1A 3X7 NT
Williams Engineering Canada Inc. yes no Energy efficiency, Strategic planning and project management, Camp construction, Non-mining infrastructure construction PO Box 1529 Yellowknife NT-NS X1A 2P6 NT